Daydream Cathedral is a passion project from creator Shawn Michael based in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

The debut album “Every Drop a Different Color” (Release date T.B.D.) consists entirely of self-produced dreamy psychedelic pop songs. “I wanted to see how far I could twist and contort these songs from their basic skeleton beginnings. The album is being recorded free from unintended input, suggestions, or distractions. This is as pure as it gets – it is literally all me.” – Shawn.

Daydream Cathedral’s previously released 2016 EP “Ancestors” was well received with positive reviews and radio play in the Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Psychedelic community. Production of the Ancestors EP was attributed to the work of Infinite Creativity Group producer / owner Dino Bose, with the project consisting entirely of original material written by Shawn.

“The main focus is and has always been the song, the hook, it’s melody and message. I have very little interest in projecting an image or ‘making it’. Everything I create for Daydream Cathedral is a reflection of my inherit passion to create and share music.” – Shawn.


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