Daydream Cathedral is a Neo-psychedelic, Dream pop, Shoegaze band inspired by the magical, mystical and mythical.

The driving creative force behind the music is Shawn Michael and his particular, often peculiar approach to songwriting, sound design, and life in general. A majority of the songs are colored with untraditional chord voicings juxtaposed with strong vocal melody – often stacked in exotic harmony and slathered with an array of effects.

For the most part, the vibe of the music and lyrics are reflective of his personality: introspective, reflective, introverted, and mysterious. There is also a heavy dose of allusions to metaphysical and romantic pursuits present within the material Shawn is producing under the banner of Daydream Cathedral.

The debut album, ‘Every Drop a Different Color’ is the culmination of years of archiving simple demos written on an acoustic guitar. The 12 tunes included on the album are warped, manipulated, and convoluted in such a way that their original roots are mostly beyond detection.

In keeping with the spirit of the Shoegaze / Dream Pop sound, there are generous (borderline excessive) amounts of reverb, echo, and modulation applied to nearly every track. As Shawn says, “That’s just the way I’ve always heard my music.”

The quintessential songs that define Daydream Cathedral on the debut album are the atmospheric ‘Watch the Waves’ (a soothing song reflecting upon love and life lost), the accessible ‘Got Hypnotized’ (a melodic hypnotic tune riddled with subconscious lyrics), the hook-filled ‘Mesmerized’ (poetic, dense and mysterious), and the honest heartfelt delivery of ‘Stuck in Between’ and ‘Symbols and Candles’.

Life outside of Daydream Cathedral for Shawn is spent as much as possible with his eyes and mind buried in books — the classics from the Gothic / Romantic era being his main go-to for literary escape.

The ship has been set to orbit on its maiden voyage and there will certainly be much more material ahead from Daydream Cathedral. “I have more plans and ideas than time in the day.” – Shawn.


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