New Tunes with a View

In keeping with keeping things fresh, a few tunes from the ‘Every Drop a Different Color” LP ahead of it’s release. Symbolic Candles, Take Time, and Got Hypnotized. So far they will only be available as lyric videos on our YouTube. Stay connected with Daydream Cathedral Continue reading

Primal Music Review of ‘Gazing in Gratitude’ | “Infectious Guitar…Reverberating Brilliance”

Irish based Primal Music Blog and it’s sister arm Primal Radio published a decidedly positive review of our most recent release ‘Gazing in Gratitude‘ (released 10/17/2016). ‘Gazing In Gratitude’ explodes into a cacophony of colour as the instantaneously infectious guitar squall magically weaves itself around the hum of underlying synth… Continue reading