Two ‘New’ Tunes from Daydream Cathedral

Today we released revamped and remixed versions of ‘Pharaoh’s Wheel’ and ‘Love Refocused’ from our Shadow Figures EP (*no-longer available). The idea for this came about while in the midst of production with our yet-to-be-released debut EP tentatively titled ‘Ancestors’.  Originally this EP was to be a three-song collection like… Continue reading

Our debut on DKFM Radio

We are honored to have been added to playlist for the New Tracks Weekend December 12-14 on DKFM. “Stuffing it all in, like a glutton at a feast, we’ve packed New Tracks Weekend with some of the freshest sounds around. Sounds like new and unreleased music from Audiomoan, plus Nick… Continue reading

Daydream Cathedral Interview Feature

Grateful and honored to be a featured artist in “The Blog The Celebrates Itself’ magazine from Brazil. Excerpt: “Shoegaze dance directly from Hawaii, that’s Daydream Cathedral. The Shadow Figures EP reminds me of a mix of shoegazing with Madchester and even reminds of Chapterhouse. This is already truly great. Pharaoh’s… Continue reading

Our debut into the Psychgazer universe

We are grateful to discover we have been included in this recent Psychgazer collection.  To be featured alongside our peers and the pioneers of Shoegaze is truly humbling. Check out this tracklisting!!! PSYCHGAZER .60 SHOEGAZE 1. Luna Ghost – Switch On (video) – 2. Cattle – fluff –… Continue reading

‘Micro Fork-Up’ Review of Our ‘Shadow Figures EP’

Unsigned Stateside Rockers Are Undoubtedly Bringing Radiantly Strong Shoegaze Music Brilliance – Forkster’s Daily Band Review “Daydream Cathedral are an amazing diversified shoegaze based sound hailing stateside out of Kihei, Hawaii! These electric rockers are glowing impressively with huge music skies and roaring atmosphere riff galaxies soaring beautifully with additional… Continue reading