Daydream Cathedral | Debut EP ‘Ancestors’ | Distributed Worldwide

As production wrapped as the year 2016 began, with conscious eyes focused on future endeavors, the leap was taken — our debut EP ‘Ancestors’ has been digitally distributed worldwide.

Fully aware of the various listening habits in this era of convenience and portability, our music is now accessible on a multitude of digital platforms with the tap of a fingertip.

Our intentions have always been to share the music we produce with the largest audience possible — modern methods of digital distribution have given us the tools to do just this.

What started out as a simple project shared only on our Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages has grown into something we can now say we are quite proud of and completely satisfied with.

The next logical step for us was to see it to it’s final fruition and unleash the freshly remixed and remastered versions into the larger world outside of our close friends and social networks.

We offer it now for you to enjoy.

The ‘Ancestors EP’ is now available globally on the sites, apps, stores, and platforms below:


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Daydream Cathedral – Ancestors EP was Produced by
Infinite Creativity Group

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