‘Into the Mellow’ Has Landed

We are excited to invite you to have a listen to our latest creation ‘Into the Mellow’.  This is a track we feel most represents what Daydream Cathedral is all about lyrically, melodically and sonically.  It goes without saying that we are very pleased with how it turned out.

Lyrically it was inspired by the mystical ‘Book of Enoch’–specifically Chapter XIV of the Dream Visions.

Melodically it was written in a quick session on acoustic guitar in the wee hours of the morning and was meant to be a vehicle to send you off to sleep.

Sonically it was intentionally produced to gradually get more ‘out there’ as the song progressed through it’s sections.  We envisioned three sections:  the normally formulated melodic dreamgaze song; interrupted by an unexpected jazzy twist; followed by an extended outro that was beautiful, chaotic and melodic.  Well, that was our intention anyways.

‘Into the Mellow’ can be heard at each of these following links:
Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Youtube

In addition, free ‘name your price’ high-quality mp3s of all of our tracks can be downloaded directly from our Bandcamp.

We hope you enjoy and would be so kind as to like, share and download a copy if it moves you.

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