‘Micro Fork-Up’ Review of Our ‘Shadow Figures EP’

Unsigned Stateside Rockers Are Undoubtedly Bringing Radiantly Strong Shoegaze Music Brilliance – Forkster’s Daily Band Review

“Daydream Cathedral are an amazing diversified shoegaze based sound hailing stateside out of Kihei, Hawaii!
These electric rockers are glowing impressively with huge music skies and roaring atmosphere riff galaxies soaring beautifully with additional genre elements of alternative rock, psychedelic rock and dreampop charm, liked this loads!

I certainly feel that the music appreciators of shoegaze/dreampop and ambient rock platforms will really take their ear music modules for sure to these exquisite rockers! I definitely feel fans of brilliant bands from Lush to The Cocteau Twins should really admire this band, I know I do!

* Update January 7, 2016 * This EP is no longer available

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