The Voice Magazine | ‘Highly Recommended Listening’

The current issue of The Voice Magazine from Alberta, Canada contains a favorable review our of ‘Ancestors EP’.

We fill with hesitant nervousness like many artists when reading reviews and commentary about ourselves – fortunately any fears or anxieties we had were put to rest with this one.

Love Refocused – This track is easily my favourite song on the EP because of the magnificent harmonizing between the male and female vocals and the music.

Eyelids – My favourite part of this song is the blending of vocal tracks while the notes dip into a lower tone. It is this ingredient that propels this song into a psychedelic trance.

Into the Mellow – The slow and steady rhythm combined with the easy-going singing is stunning.

In and Out – Has a sense of magic to it…combining electronic effects and singing with a spoken word track.

Pharaoh’s Wheel – from the chaos, Daydream Cathedral created something oddly appealing…there is a darker aura surrounding these tones.


We’d like to thank Athabasca University and especially Samantha Stevens for listening, sharing, and writing the review.

The article can be read online
Music Review – Daydream Cathedral

Print version pdf format
The Voice Magazine – May 13, 2016- Volume 24, Issue 19

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