Daydream Cathedral’s ‘Eyelids’ Hits ICR 105.7FM in the UK

Ipswich, Suffolk, UK is home to a stellar radio program called ‘The Reverb’.  Through the beauty of tech and web we were stoked to discover they were spinning our stuff and so much more.

The show we heard also featured Lush, Tamaryn, Pale Saints, Cocteau Twins, and Mark Gardener (RIDE). For us it’s still dreamlike that our music has been accepted so quickly and played along side some of our favorites and long-time icons of the scene. Pretty cool.

Oh, and we caught these kind words being said about us over the air too:

“You’ll love it…Do buy their stuff, it’s really cool…If you’re really into the shoegaze / psych thing listen to them, they really are brilliant.” – ‘The Reverb’

Thanks for all the love and support.

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