“Dream Pop just got an upgrade!” – Jammerzine

“Classic soaring shoegaze.” – Ola from Ola’s Kool Kitchen Radio

the New Album is Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Have it on repeat for Daze….” – Sean Schultz

“Nice vocals and guitars. Really digging it.” – Echofauna via Soundcloud

“If you’re really into the shoegaze / psych thing listen to them, they really are brilliant.” – Matt Catling, The Reverb on ICR 107.5FM UK

“The music is spectacular you guys are really making waves in the shoegaze, ambient and dreampop genres and then some!” – Shoegaze Sanctuary

“classic, melodic psych vocals & beautiful roar” – Jei-Di Bandy via Facebook

“a mix of shoegazing with Madchester…This is already truly great…seductive, dancing and space, made to close your eyes and listen to like in the old days.“ – The Blog the Celebrates Itself

“excellent vibrations here” – Guiding Light on Soundcloud

“Sincerely Profound! – Attila Mora

“sterling shoe-gaze laced dream pop” – Diamond Deposits on Tumblr

“glowing impressively with huge music skies and roaring atmosphere riff galaxies“ – Forkster’s Micro Fork-up

“Well executed sound”, “DAT SAX!” – Sidewave via Soundcloud

“oooo very nice… “ – Estella Rosa via Soundcloud

“Wow qué bieeen suena!” – Mariano Andres Vazquez on Soundcloud

“a pursuit of beauty through the vehicle of the Dream pop / Shoegaze genre.“ – The Jangle Box

“This is outstanding – love the epic, swirly, psychedelic solo’s.“ – The Sweet Disorder on Soundcloud

“beautiful!” – Eyleene on Soundcloud

“I am in love with Love Refocused, it is such a gorgeous song.” – Amanda Supenia via Facebook

“are you flipping kidding me?  This is so boogy100!  Time to obsess over a new band y’all.” – Great Black Night via Twitter

“There are all kinds of adjectives that are hard to attach to music that these guys make me want to use. Words like soupy, creamy, and sleepy top the list. I love it.” – Kevin Healey

“Fucking glorious!! Great mix of synth pop, shoegaze and dream pop. ♥” – Eli Pye on Soundcloud


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