Leviathan Romance LP – Track by Track Wiki

Leviathan Romance
an LP by Daydream Cathedral

Released September 10, 2019
© Daydream Cathedral Creations

All songs written, performed, and produced by Shawn Michael

Track by Track Wiki:

1. Invocation
An invocation is defined generally as a calling out to supernatural forces for inspiration, protection, and guidance before an undertaking.

2. Sparks Will Fly
Beginning the LP with an optimistic tone about the future. “Someday my eyes will meet you,” refers to the magic which occurs when mutually-attracted souls meet for the first time eye-to-eye.

3. Crushed
When you put extraordinary effort into taking a risk and the invitation goes unrequited many of us can feel crushed. The mood and atmosphere of this song was definitely inspired by Romantic era gothic novels and those early 1930s vampire cinema classics.

4. Emerald Tablatures
An esoteric reference to the Emerald Tablets of hermetic tradition credited to Hermes Trismegistus. Musically it is a hazy premonition of the track, “Eyes Barely Open”.

5. Visions in the Glass
Inspired by reading Romantic era poetry late at night under candlelight. “Measureless to man the cavern grows,” is a direct reference to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s notorious unfinished poem, ‘Kubla Khan; or, A Vision in a Dream’. Originally this song featured a reading of lines from Coleridge’s poem. This idea was ultimately scrapped only to be resurrected in disguised form underneath the track, ‘Leviathan Hunting’.

6. Anita Harder Nocturne
Anita Harder played the ‘Flower Girl’ in Dracula starring Bela Lugosi. I found her eyes and frozen expression to be so striking in her brief and only scene that it inspired a piano nocturne.

7. Leviathan Hunting
One of the deeper explorations into the dark and ambient on the LP. There are no lyrics, just the feeling of being far away from shore hunting that giant sea serpent of the deep, the Leviathan.

8. Eyes Barely Open
Reliving and replaying lovely memories can be both heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. This tune is testament to the embellishments that can be added to a memory with each retelling.

9. Sleep in the Daydream
At its melodic core there is a lullaby feel which is unintentionally reminiscent of Pachebel’s ‘Canon in D’. The fuzz bass-dominant mix however was intentional to put some edges on the feathers. Lyrically there exists a collage of allusionary references which could amount to anything and everything or simply nothing at all.

10. Midgardian Angels
Similar to the track, ‘Emerald Tablatures’, this ethereal diversion serves to let everything wander and relax. The title is a play on words combining the Leviathan-esque Midgard Serpent of Nordic lore with the Guardian Angels of Abramelin ritual magic.

11. Time Stands Still
Originally written on ukulele which added a hint of children’s puppet show sing-a-long vibe. This likely attributes to the Nursery Rhyme-inspired lyrics, . . . albeit with the characters and tales somewhat shuffled and confused.

12. The Loch Ness Magus
Referencing a few notable and magically-inclined residents of Loch Ness. This ambient piece is an esoteric and occult reference for those familiar with the Boleskine House. For added punctuation, the track begins with some automatic ASMR writing.

13. Ouroboros Borealis
Massively overdriven guitars (reversed and reprocessed from ‘Sleep in the Daydream’) dominate this final track of the LP as if witnessing the final attempt of Leviathan to come ashore under the Northern Lights. Titled as a symbolic reference to the Ouroboros serpent biting its own tail. The Midgard Serpent (Norse: Jörmungandr) hinted at in previous tracks is a giant sea serpent that encircles the land and was also able to capture its own tail. Mythologically there is a connection that can be drawn between Leviathan and both of these circling-serpents: The End = The beginning.

Yet somehow through all this chaos the purring cats of the planet remain unfazed as if mesmerized by an internalized lullaby.



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