Our debut on DKFM Radio

We are honored to have been added to playlist for the New Tracks Weekend December 12-14 on DKFM.

“Stuffing it all in, like a glutton at a feast, we’ve packed New Tracks Weekend with some of the freshest sounds around. Sounds like new and unreleased music from Audiomoan, plus Nick Petakas, tuques, Mentalease, Daydream Cathedral, CQ, kigo, dead mellotron, Secrets of the Third Planet, She’s So Rad, Fog Lake, Strange Mangers, and less-than-24-hours-old boldness from longtime favorites Shady Elders. We win the radio again.” – DKFM

DKFM is a Dream Pop / Indie Rock / Alternative station that streams on several platforms out of Fresno California and is certainly worth the attention of your ears.

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