Samantha Stevens Q & A with Daydream Cathedral

Recently Shawn of Daydream Cathedral did an interview with freelance writer Samantha Stevens of The SCENE Magazine and The Voice Magazine.  What began as a simple chat turned into a highly-detailed 27 question virtual biography of Daydream Cathedral.

“Music created simply for the enjoyment of being able to listen to it and enjoy how the work of art makes you feel; that is the guiding idea behind the dream-pop/shoegaze duo Daydream Cathedral. Different from the popular mainstream music industry of today, Daydream Cathedral prides themselves on offering music to the public for no other reason that having the satisfaction of being able to share their experiences and creations with their audience.” – Samantha Stevens April 29, 2016

“Common themes that come and go are inspired by things mystical, magical, meditative, medieval, and mysterious.”, “There’s a certain trust between Dino and I with taste and approach since we both come from a similar place sonically and experimentally.”, “Music is Art, not Product.”- Shawn Michael April 29, 2016

This is by far one of the more lengthy interviews we have given to date.  It provides many new revelations and yet to be discussed topics as it related to our music, it’s creation and inspiration.

Read the entire interview here:
Samantha Stevens Q & A with Daydream Cathedral

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