Spring Release | Blooming Moonlight

‘Blooming Moonlight’, the first single of the year from Daydream Cathedral follows up the experimental and ethereal 2019 LP ‘Leviathan Romance’.

Representing more of a return to the shoegaze roots, ‘Blooming Moonlight’ follows the formula: Featuring a more stripped-down production in comparison to previous releases, the layering of synth and sound effects left behind.

The track itself comes from a batch of tunes developed in a writing spree that led to a majority of the material featured on the debut LP, ‘Every Drop a Different Color’.

Lyrically it retains the recurring themes of mysticism and magic contained within much of Daydream Cathedral releases.

The track was self-produced, performed, and mixed by Shawn Michael, featuring the sonic expertise of Daniel Knowles to provide the mastering.

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