The Byrds and Daydream Cathedral

While I didn’t grow up with the Byrds, I did grow up listening to the Byrds. Their harmonies were a staple in the formation of my sonic taste buds. My first real exposure was their Greatest Hits album which soon led me down the road to ingesting any and everything they’d ever done.

The big moment that hooked me beyond Turn Turn Turn, Eight Miles High, and Mr. Tambourine Man was their contribution to the film Easy Rider – the song Wasn’t Born to Follow blew my mind as wide as that film itself did.

‘It Happens Each Day’ however, that track, just wow. Written by David Crosby while still a member of the Byrds is one of those, “I can’t believe this wasn’t a single” kinda tracks. Even for die-hard Byrds fans it is a relatively unknown selection from their catalog due to it having been shelved for over twenty years before it’s official release in 1987.

The beauty of this song is it’s melancholy delivery which creates this floating feeling upon dry land. Just when you think the key can’t go any further in the minor direction, the melody continues to sink deeper and deeper encouraging an almost yogic deep breathing sensation.


– Shawn

This Daydream Cathedral version will also be featured on a future dreamy compilation.

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