Two ‘New’ Tunes from Daydream Cathedral

Today we released revamped and remixed versions of ‘Pharaoh’s Wheel’ and ‘Love Refocused’ from our Shadow Figures EP (*no-longer available).

The idea for this came about while in the midst of production with our yet-to-be-released debut EP tentatively titled ‘Ancestors’.  Originally this EP was to be a three-song collection like the first.  Like many plans in life, they change and we’re fine with it.

During downtime during the production of ‘Ancestors’ we started toying with making remixes of previously released material.  This led to retracking vocals, adding new parts, experimenting with beats and other assorted sonic tinkering.  Long story short, instead of releasing the revamped ‘Pharaoh’s Wheel’ and ‘Love Refocused’ as bonus tracks we decided to include them on the ‘Ancestors’ release itself which has now grown to 5 tracks.

In keeping with Daydream Cathedral tradition we have uploaded complete versions of the tracks to be streamed via our soundcloud, and bandcamp.  Free downloads of the tracks are currently available on our bandcamp page for those interested.

* Update January 7, 2016 * The original versions of ‘Pharaoh’s Wheel’ and ‘Love Refocused’ made available last year are now no-longer available as we find these new versions and mixes to be far superior in all ways.

We would like to thank all those that have supported us and the music we make.  Thank you very much for sharing our music to your networks and featuring us on blogs, podcasts, radio, social media, the aether and reality.

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